Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Monday 1st Aug

Summer has arrived at last. Yesterday was the most fun I have had all year. Short task but fantastic conditions. Started probably an hour too late not expecting much on BOB BUL BUC BO1 BOO 208k.

1500 Local
By 1420 the sea air was blown on a moderate SE'ly beyond OVE cutting off my approach to BUL (see left). After a bit of dithering I took a climb at KGS to cloudbase, now 5000ft, and glid at best LD in and out of BUL back to NES over the top of the slice in still, gently advecting air. It was like being in weak wave. Never done that before, great! At NEW the sky went ballistic again with 6000ft bases and 7kt climbs. A climb to 5000ft S of BUC gave me an easy 63k final glide home into a 12kt S'ly. Looking N from BUC it was just the same as far as the eye could see and I heard on the radio two guys having a great time around Wittering.

1700 local
By the time I left the field at 1730 the sea air had come all the way up the plain as far as DID, don't recall seeing that before either.


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