Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Steve Baker MP

Steve Baker, MP for Wycombe paid us a visit on Friday. Steve, a keen free fall parachutist, sailor and motorcyclist is not your average MP. He was keen to get a deeper understanding of what we do at the Club. So we consigned him to the front seat of the Duo for a flight with Jim White.

Steve was very helpful to our Olympic airspace team and asked a question in the house about our Club and subsequently arranged an appointment with the Minister, Theresa Villiers. The Booker team consisted of Denis Campbell, Alan Green and Emily Todd. Their good work has resulted in the reduction of restrictions from two months to one month. The Club was visited last Monday by the government team responsible for for setting up and managing the Olympic airspace, to discuss how we will operate during that period.

Jim was very complimentary about Steve Baker’s potential as a glider pilot! Thanks for the visit Steve and for listening to us so well.

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Brian said...

Fantastic - if only more MP's were cut from the same cloth!