Sunday, 14 August 2011

Booker Cadets triumph at Lasham Aerobatics competition and other Booker pilots successes

In a similar vein to Booker's Easter Egg Cup, Lasham run an aerobatics competition for a group of their pilots who meet each week on a Sunday to train. Care of Graham Saw an invitation was received from Lasham to take part and 3 pilots were ordered to compete (having been given 24 hours notice!) to ensure Booker's reputation was upheld.

The format of the competition followed the BAeA schedule for Beginners and Sports level sequences with all manoeuvres being flown in K21's. The standard of flying at both levels was extremely high and competition was fierce.

When the final results were in, Booker Cadets Guy Trees and Will Hilton were placed First in Beginners and Second Place in Sports respectively. David Humphries made up the remainder of the team and also flew a creditable sequence at Sport level.

Lasham members made us very welcome and ran a well organised competition, our thanks go to Charles Baker who organised the event.

Also over the weekend Will Ellis continued his winning streak by winning the Interservices Regionals (Open Class) flying a Duo Discus. As well as the pressure of competition flying, Will also had to contend with taking some of the senior Directors from his employer along on some of the flights.

Emily Todd returned from Conington having secured 3rd place in the Mazda Junior Nationals competing at Intermediate level and flying in an aptly named Pitts S1t "G-WILD". More details can be found on the BAeA web site

On top of all this, there was the immensely successful BBQ in the Blister hangar to celebrate the decision not to build a stadium on WAP. This was attended by over 150 guests from GASP and BGC. A huge amount of effort went into organising this and thanks to all who helped to make it such an enjoyable evening.

Booker Gliding Club is truly a great place with a fabulous future made possible with all the skills and talent around allied with the enthusiasm shown by all.

"Gentlemen, you are the best of the best"

David Humphries after completing the Sports sequence

Beginners and Sports sequences

Guy Trees receiving his prize for First place at Beginners level

Will Hilton receiving his prize for Second place at Sports level

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