Sunday, 5 February 2012

A cold and frosty morning

The ground was frozen hard, and the warming sun left the ghost of a glider in the grass when the day's flying started.

The first Saturday of the month as usual saw a bunch of hardy aerobatics pilots practising chandelles and loops and much more with expert tuition from Graham and Alun.

Meanwhile back in the clubhouse the final Bronze briefing of the winter was underway, after which Simon Vardigans took the test and passed with flying colours, congratulations Simon. He now only needs one more launch to gain his Bronze badge, unfortunately the advance of the snowy front put paid this.

Next week the FOG (Fundamentals of Gliding) briefings resume, details on the Members page of the club website or the poster on the clubhouse noticeboard. Lots of helpful tips and advice for pilots at all levels.

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