Sunday, 19 February 2012

Cold and soarable Sunday 19th February

Sunday 19th February really felt like the season had started. The air mass following the previous days cold front passage promising cumulus as high as 6,000 feet (but extremely cold) brought out the keener members who are getting their practice in early.

With a trio of private owners rigging and towing out to runway 35 in the brisk northerly, we had our first grid of 2012 with launching from around 10:00 until the last launch around 17:00 when there was still some evidence of lift about. Several flights of over 1 hour were flown by a mix of K13, K21 and Juniors under the cloud base that went to over 5,500 feet over the Oxford plain. The high cloud base was accompanied by extremely good visibility with Milton Keynes and Bedford being clearly visible throughout the day from Booker.

Sally Longstaff and Mark Wolff completed their BI training and will be a regular addition to the team of instructors - congratulations to them both.

Bookers two new BI's
1st grid of 2012

Steve Williams flew his LS8 in both 15 and 18 metre modes and went to Bicester and back, Will Ellis set off and flew 200k doing Daventry, Winslow & Towcester before landing out just short of a final glide at the Golden Ball. The retrieve was quickly sorted and supported by a police officer who stopped by to check all was OK - she was invited back to the club but either common sense or duty prevented her from accepting the offer from the retrieve crew! (see pictures below).

Last launch at around 17:00
K21 over Turvill seen from EBZ
Chinnor Cement works looking north where Milton Keynes was clearly visible
Pushing the K21 back to keep warm
John Herman being put into cuffs!
768's retrieve crew with local constabulary support keeping all in order
Will Ellis with 768 after he was accused of only having a 'little one'

(Photo credits - Jane Moore and Glyn Read)

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