Saturday, 22 February 2014

Another sunny Saturday.......

.....this must be a record. There was plenty going on today. The Bronze briefing was well attended by those keen to learn about Flight Radio Telephony Operating - or in plain English, how to talk on the radio. Ashley Birkbeck put his professional experience to good use in de-mystifying when and how to use the radio, within the context of the all-important mantra Aviate, Navigate, Communicate.

Meanwhile, Graham and his happy crew were whirling around the sky on his monthly Aerobatics course. He even demonstrated a dual tow.......

Graham spearheading a dual tow out of a patch of quagmire

The conditions were excellent, with a cloudbase of over 3,000ft and climbs of 8kts if you were in the right place.

Towards Stokenchurch

The Thames has receded a bit

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