Saturday, 8 February 2014

Two for the price of one

It wasn't a day for being out of doors today, with dramatic storms sweeping across the airfield, so the briefing room was packed. First was Bob Smith explaining how to get the best out of your glider, including how to calculate your final glide and what to do about ballast.

Rapt attention
Next up was Tim Scott, veteran of many Regional, National and World comps, giving the low down on tactics for cross country racing, starting with how to deal with the stress of 3 hours moseying around waiting for the perfect moment to set off on task, and giving plenty of handy hints on such conundrums as when/how to dump water, and the importance of keeping your eye on what the other competitors are up to.

A bit of a rest next week, the next Bronze Briefing is on Saturday 22 February when Captain Ashley Birkbeck will be explaining Radio Telephony.

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