Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Wave, Thermal, First Solo's - the season has started

With the Spring Equinox only a few days away, the recent run of good weather has seen many faces and gliders coming out of hiberntion. Memories of the wettest winter for many years are probably starting to fade (even though the number of flooded fields and standing water easily visible when flying are a sharp reminder of recent events).

The Bronze C lecture on Operational Performance was given by Mike MiniGat Gatfield and was well received by all who attended and who commented on how good it had been.

The launch point was very busy over the weekend and saw a good mix of wave on Saturday with many members enjoying 2/3 knot climbs in wave around Turvill until the airspace got in the way and then on Sunday there was lots of good thermal soaring to be had with flights in excess of 2 hours being recorded in some excellent visability (there was also a little wave around as well).

Monday produced the first 'first solo' of 2014 with Dan Cash (on a PPL to Solo course) soloing in KLA - congratulations.

Dan Cash being congratulated by Richard after his first solo

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