Monday, 23 March 2015

Air awareness day RAF Benson

Last week RAF Benson hosted an Air Users Awareness Day. The aim being to share more about who flys what where and how we can all continue to do this safely. Watch out in the next newsletter for a fuller description of the days events and information that came out of the greatly beneficial day.

What was significant is that one of the main focal points was in respect of Gliding in and around the area and Richard Crockett gave a great presentation on the topic - it was clearly well received judging by the interest and questions raised by the attendees from local flying clubs - so much so that Richard has been asked to give the same presentation at White Waltham.
F1 mixing it with the choppers

There was a chance to see the aircraft operated from Benson and Booker took a glider along for participants to look at close up (and not as a result of an airprox).

Graham S working up his summer routines

The better weather has also brought a lot more folk out of winter hibernation and it is good to see the launch point busy and pilots taking some launches before they head out to Talgarth/Shobdon for the first of the years main expeditions. If you aren't current (or as current as you would like to be) don't waste time, get up to the launch point and take some launches - there is always something new to learn.

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