Saturday, 28 March 2015

Tempestuous Talgarth

Well, here we are again in Wales, and what a beautiful place to be. Yesterday when most people arrived, it was sunny and clear, so several members were able to get their check flights done, and Glyn flew one of his models.

Today we awoke to wind and rain, less than optimal for gliding - or even standing upright. The local briefing indicated that the rain might stop later, but that the wind would continue, and as there was a significant southerly component, launching would not be possible as none of the take off runs would be anywhere near into wind. Jim maintained his optimism for a couple of hours but in the end conceded defeat.

A bit windy

There are probably sheep in that cloud
It doesn't look that promising for tomorrow either...............

Food report: so far your correspondent has only sampled the Castle Inn in Llangorse, which does a nice line in pies. The sirloin steak was apparently excellent - meat supplied by WJ George in Talgarth - and the sweet potato chips were delicious. Today there was an expedition to the Honeypot CafĂ© in Talgarth which was reportedly very good. The gang in the big house in Pengenfford have roast beef to look forward to, courtesy of Jim, who is a man with high standards - he complained bitterly that Symeon had given him breakfast on a cold plate. Here in Llangorse we will be having cod in lemon sauce, followed by a bit of Metallica.

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