Saturday, 18 April 2015

Easter Egg Cup - a moveable feast

There was plenty going on at the launch point today, on a windy but sunny Saturday. Several people set off on task for Northampton and Bedford, while Geoff (GA) went to Hay Bluff and back - OK so he did get the engine out at Bourton but still a good day out.

Meanwhile, a select few were forking out £5 notes for entries to the Easter Egg Cup Aerobatics competition, organised and judged by Graham Saw. There were two classes, Standard and Gorblimey, and some contestants had even practised beforehand - this is serious stuff!
Graham in the Judging Car

Standard Sequence 
There was plenty of advice on offer, and a range of unbiased opinion.

'Now, what you want to do is........'

'Was that 45 degrees?'
The results were predictable - the cadet won, they always do. George Hunter did one solo flight and racked up enough points to win, as well as qualifying for his Aerobatics Badge. Well done George! The final results were:

1st - George Hunter
Joint 2nd - Chris Collett and Jane Moore
4th - Richard Crockett
5th - David Humphreys

To be fair, we should note that Richard and David did the Gorblimey sequence, the others did the Standard one. There were prizes for all, and the proceeds from the entry fee went to the cadet fund.

George receiving the trophy from Hedda, the judge's assistant

And another thing - congratulations to David Lowe and Matt Porter for getting their Bronze badge after last week's Bronze course.

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