Tuesday, 21 April 2015

The motor glider is back

The Skunk Works above the glider workshop have worked their magic again with the wings of the Falke being recovered and repainted by a team led by Graham Saw and Mike Sinclair.

They have done a splendid job and the club should be especially grateful for the time and effort that they have put in over the winter months on a voluntary basis. The aircraft wouldn't be available if they didn't put in the effort on all our behalf (or cost effective for the membership!) - I am sure you will join me in offering them our sincere thanks.

The plan is for the fuselage to be recovered and repainted this coming winter. We can all do our bit to keep it pristine, clean and shiny by ensuring it is washed (and dried please) before it is put away at the end of the day - please don't leave it to "someone else", that person doesn't exist.

The Motor Glider after its post respray flight

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