Sunday, 3 July 2016

Booker Regionals Day 2

Sunday dawned bright and sunny, with a mere light breeze compared with yesterday's gale, and it looked promising for a racing task. The grid launched at 11.30 on Task A, 218k round Wantage, Olney and Didcot, with a few control points thrown in. Speeds were not high - the winner said it was 'awful' but most people got back.

Places as follows:
1st - Jim J1M
2nd - Martin RN
3rd - Nils EN

Andy Monk and cadet Michael Otty deserve a special mention for getting round the task in a K21, in 11th place, 2 places behind Michael's dad John in his ASG29. Fantastic result!

As to the podium places, Jim has an ASW27, Martin (a visitor from Sutton Bank) flies a Pegase 90 and Nils has an LS4.

This clearly demonstrates the value of the Handicapped Distance Task format, which allows everyone to have fun flying gliders with a range of handicaps.

K21 finishing

Jim looking happy

Martin concentrating

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