Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Booker Regionals Day 4

It looked OK at Booker but it seems that conditions weren't so hot down track. The task was a 300km double shuffle to Northampton, and  a few people cut the task short or landed out, but some got back and we have winners.

Task Setter Tim launched the grid and then went and took his covers off, took a launch and won the day with a speed of 80.6kph. He was flying hors concours though, so the podium places go to:

1st - Nils EN - LS4
2nd - Jim J1M - ASW27
3rd - William LC - Discus

The K21s again gave it a good go, coming in ahead of an LS6c-18 and a Discus Bt.

More sunshine tomorrow.

Follow the action on Soaring Spot and on Spot the Gliders.

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