Thursday, 23 March 2017

Lleweni Parc easterly

All change today, the wind was from the east and at first there was a lot of mist, but after a while the sky cleared and we started launching towards the ridge. There was no sign of the promised easterly wave, but there were thermals and the scenery looked great. Landing procedure was no longer 'roll to the end of the runway' as that would have meant a gentle canter down the slope on the second half with the possibility of continuing on down the grass to the stream, so we aimed to stop at the taxiway, referred to as the Cook Strait, halfway down. Seemed to work. Here are some random pics from the day.

316 on tow

Symeon trying out an alternative mode of transport
There was a much more difficult version with just the one wheel, like a unicycle without a seat. Mostly it required people walking either side to keep the rider upright.

Booker's homemade fuel bowser

GH in its temporary home

The gang at the end of another fun day

Scary selfie

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