Wednesday, 22 March 2017

To Snowdon and back

Yesterday was a stunner. A brisk westerly produced lively conditions at times but in general the trend was upwards. Symeon got the back seat of the ASG31-MI belonging to Rod who owns the airfield. They went over the hills and far away........

River Conwy and the Great Orme

The seaside
Other people flew the ridge from one end to the other - 30km - in a mix of ridge and thermal, there were those who turned points out to sea near Rhyl. Richard and Simon went to Snowdon.......

Alwen Reservoir and Lake Brenig

Menai Strait

The Great Orme....again

The seaside

More seaside

Snowdon in cloud
All this fun was temporarily halted by a shower front when it seemed best to be on the ground, and then we started again. The Duo and K21 had wave flights - the Duo reported 8000ft and minus 11degC.

Somewhere over Wales
Working backwards - on Monday we flew from dawn to dusk, literally, the last flight landing on the dot of official night.

And yet more seaside

A bit of the ridge
Absolutely legal
And in other news.......our loyal readers may have been wondering about food. No photos, but the household at Caeu Mawr has been eating well. Here's the menu so far:
- Cod on a bed of beans and tomato, with cheesecake to follow
- Salmon in parcels with leek, petits pois and creme fraiche, with apple frangipani flan
- Smoked salmon followed by Piedmont stuffed peppers, then the last of the cheesecake with fresh raspberries
- Mexican shepherds pie (sweet potato topping) followed by homemade lime and tequila ice cream (to die for!!)

Last night we were all a bit worn out by all the fun so we had pate, Morrison's battered haddock with the rest of the shepherd's pie.......and the last of the ice cream.

And finally......there are some rather odd creatures around the perimeter of the airfield.

Today we have some soft Welsh rain obscuring our usual view of the ridge so a rest day is in prospect.

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And I went to work!! Well done Nik.