Thursday, 17 August 2017

Air League - 2 more days to go (Thursday 17 August)

The weather will hopefully be kind to the course. A frontal system just passed us, the cloudbase is expected to rise during the morning and be reasonable pm.

The midday forecast sounding for Buckingham looks like this

Turned out to be a very good afternoon with 20 knot winds at flying heights. Strong thermals and streeting.

The course is proceeding well with a visit from Mel who was filming some of the activity for the Air League and Andy Perkins who popped in to say hello and see how the course was progressing.

Steve in his creative way managed two real launch failures - an indication of how difficult the conditions were for aerotow. Thulani was with Steve and took the launch failure in his matter of fact way.

The strong winds meant we were unable to progress those nearer solo and get them off on their own. The whole course can now fly gliders and land them, circuit planning and aerotow launches need some polish - sadly time is against us. Well done to Cara, Becky, Mwila, Alyscia and Thulani, a very tiring and productive two weeks.

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