Wednesday, 2 August 2017

1 August - Is it summer yet?

The weather was cycling rather quickly. Rapid over development followed by a few light showers and overcast, clearing through every few hours and all happening again.

Some good local soaring at times (a reward for the persistent).

The day started with a short brief at 8.30 and then out on the field for some early flight training. many thanks to Jim, who volunteeered to fly the Pawnee all day and keep us moving along with his enthusiasm.

Louis Mattey continued some intensive training, trying to get to grips with the aerotow and experiencing the fun of spins in the K13.

Welcome to James Clare, our new pupil. James is a lock keeper,  how is that for an unusual job?  James has embarked on a flexi course to get himself solo and beyond.

The sky at 2pm

 Paul getting ready to take Alex Mann on his first trial lesson. Rumour has it that will not be the last time we see Alex. Many thanks to Paul and Nick for flying with our trial lessons today.

The day ended with ground school covering circuit planning and approach control.

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