Sunday, 23 July 2017

Regionals final day

Nils and Richard tried very hard to find some nice weather for a final task but there was an ominous blue blob on the chart heading in our direction.

That blue thing doesn't look good
Richard therefore moved on to prize giving, and awarded the cup to Ken Barker - he had left with his JS1 to fly in a comp at Aston Down so scorer Pete accepted the trophy on his behalf.

Ken's landlord accepts the cup
Joint second place went to Mark Davenport and our very own Denis Campbell. There were also prizes for everyone down to around 8th place, thanks to our sponsors.

Richard then thanked everyone who had helped to make the comp a success:
Chairing the organising committee - William Parker
Deputy Director and Scorer - Pete Wyld
Assistant Task setter and Sniffer - Tim Scott
Met Man - Nils Wedi
Grid Marshal - Bob Sinden
Control -  Bob Smith, Jane Moore
Catering and bar - John Hubberstey
Tug pilots - Bob Davey, Jim Roland, Jack Luxton, Rocky, Pete Wyld, Rob Turner, Dave Byass
Cadets - Anna, Maddi, Michael, Luis, Samuel, Kyle
Office staff - Shelagh and Chris
Capt Blair-Monger and all at the Army Reserve Centre
Two-seater instructors - Andy Monk, Chris Roland, Jim White
...and last but not least, the competitors, and especially the visitors from other clubs

William thanked Richard for running the whole thing and that was it for another year - an excellent week making the best of indifferent weather.

Meanwhile.........after the briefing, Andy Monk got the training operation back on track, with a K21 doing 16 launches. Cadet Michael Otty re-soloed after a year's break from gliding, and Cadet Samuel Husband achieved his first solo. Sam has had a lot of firsts this week, including his first ever cross country and land out. Thanks to Jim Roland for towing (even if a lot didn't get above 400 feet) and John Otty for doing buggy retrieves.

Well done Sam

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