Saturday, 22 July 2017

Wet Saturday

Briefing was delayed while the Met Man and the Director struggled to find a task through the approaching showers. Finally they came up with a quick nip round Calvert Junction and Oxford South. The sky looked great overhead, although increasingly black to the south, so George decided to fly the task before the comp had even rigged, just to show 'em. He managed Calvert Jct but on the way back got rained out of the sky and landed in what used to be Farmer Brown's field (now Farmer Brian) near Cadmore End - just as John Hubb was firing up the BBQ.

The message was that the field was ploughed and the gate locked so a large team set off. Fortunately they arrived at the same time as the farmer with a pick up truck which towed Z12 - ploughing a furrow -  to the gate where the team watched while George de-rigged. Is there a record for the fastest, most over-resourced retrieve?

The team trying to look busy
The team definitely not busy
Back at the clubhouse the rest of the afternoon was spent on the very British pastime of BBQ in the rain, very efficiently cooked up by John and his brilliant pair of sous chefs.

BBQ weather

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