Thursday, 6 July 2017

5 July 2017 - Good task day today. New member Steve Gaze joins us for some soaring

Winds very light but favouring 06, mainly blue conditions. Thermals to 4000ft QFE

The good weather brought many people out of the woodwork today, the tug kept busy

The course members today included John and Jane Wood and Matt Bignold. Matt experienced and enjoyed his "spinning" lessons in the K13 before settling into circuit training (with a little thermal practice) in the K21.

Chris Whelan was cleared to fly the junior and had a good soaring flight.

Welcome to Steve Gaze, a new member who also flies at Shalbourne. Steve has a cross country endorsement and is looking to do some cross country flying now.

Steve at 3000ft taking a look around during his familiarisation flight

The evening provided some excellent thermalling opportunities for Chris and the evening party.

The Booker Regionals are just a week away - are you ready?

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