Friday, 14 July 2017

13 July Air League successful day at Booker

The winds were light, thermal activity late to start, calm conditions with an overcast sky .

Perfect for the 32 Air League young people, here to learn about gliding and experience a flight.

The 9liders were all out and ready to go at 9.08am, everything from a K21 to a Duo Discus was available for the visitors to see.

Gliders lined up before briefing

And of course a selection of tow planes
Too many people to fit in the standard briefing room
Huge thanks to Maddi, Louis and John, who with the very able assistance of Mel made the ground operations the slickest we have ever seen. Fantastic teamwork meant the flying was all completed a full 2 hours ahead of plan - very well done to everyone involved.

The Air League guests were all very enthusiastic and were great fun to fly with.

Some weak thermals kept us going during the afternoon, Nick and Glyn trailblazed by going off together in a K21 to prove to everyone it was worth taking a launch.

The day finished with a pleasant meal in the Grouse and Ale, definitely living the dream!

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