Monday, 17 July 2017

Monday, and a task

The weather was not straightforward today. The first task set was a double out and return to the SW involving Avebury and Marlborough, but as the day progressed it became clear that the approaching top cover was going to be a problem - and the snifter reported nearly landing out, which is never a good sign. Task B was again a double shuffle, but this time north/south. The grid launched. and we followed their progress on the live tracking on Booker's website - exciting stuff. The finishers included William LC who was visible from the finish line but went back to turn Huntercombe and then scraped home from the Hambleden valley - good effort! There were some landouts, but at airfields and farm strips, so they were soon retrieved by aerotow.

Results here:
Dr Nils the Weather Man


The K21 dream team
Keeping cool
Retrieve from farm strip at Cuddesdon

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