Friday, 7 July 2017

6 July - Another great day, a strange way to keep the K21 trailer cool!

The forecasts threatened thunderstorms, but these didn't happen. An awkward southerly flow meant we started on 06, but later in the day we moved to 24. Good soaring conditions from midday through to late pm.

Matt Bignold continued his 5 day course, he is now doing the take off and landings, and making very good progress with thermal soaring. Jane and John Wood continued their refresher training and beginning to get back into the groove.

Well done to John Blake, converting into the SZD Junior, good job.

The launch point set up complete by 9 am, now all we need is the pupils! Richard, as always buried in some club admin.

 John, the buggy and trailer won't fit  under the gazebo - you should know that! Or is it a creative way of moving the gazebo to 24?

Regionals just a week away, and another good day tomorrow.

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