Wednesday, 5 July 2017

4 July - a great day, but spot what's missing?

Light winds, lots of cloud cover in the morning, but clearing to give a good soarable afternoon.

We can now see the windsock from the clubhouse window, how is that?

I huffed and I puffed and blew that house down!

Matt Bignold continued his 5 day course making good progress, circuit planning tomorrow!

Jan was tugging for us this morning and Pete took over pm, the Pawnee still in having its brakes fixed.
Pete getting prepared for a busy afternoon

Mike Sheppard continued his PPL training, just need to get aerotowing cracked and we will be there, if only the tug would stay in the right place!

Mike getting ready to fly
Oliver Heidkamp spent time with Richard learning the tricks of the trade for field landing and navigation. Cross country endorsement complete, well done. Oliver is a pilot from nearby Haddenham.

Various cross country flights during the day, good to see the weather being kind to the single seat pilots.

Graham Saw took the flying into the evening with the busy evening group.

The end to another fine day at Booker.

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