Wednesday, 12 July 2017

11 July Persistence pays off

The weather today gave us periods of low cloud and rain showers. Jan got us airborne just before the first rain shower arrived, then it was time for coffee. Jack insisted we wait "just a little longer", and he was right - another slot appeared and we managed to finish the days training for Louis - I suppose it's all that sailing that makes him so clever.

The builders still got the crane out, despite the weather, we all hoped the driver didn't drop anything!

Richard arrived all spruced up for yet another meeting with the local council, very important work to help secure our future.

Louis gave the buggies a spring clean in the engine compartments.

Work continues to prepare us for the Regionals starting on Saturday, lots of interesting promotional items have arrived from the sponsors (Hayward Aviation Insurance). That is a week not to be missed.

The Daily Inspection being completed under very grey skies

 Building works continue, Mike pointed out that 2 wheels are off the ground!
  A break in the weather occurs and Jack climbs into the Robin
Smiling faces, it was worth the wait and Louis gets his training flights.

So it's weather is here, wish you were nice!

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