Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Planet of the Apes arrives at Booker

Today turned out to be a great day after a somewhat dull looking start but the weather forecasters got it right with the sky clearing around 11am and a fabulous soaring sky with good lift and obvious clouds to find the lift in.

HA, 118, EN, 161, T4, 949, HSB, LTY and KV were out and all flying x/c. Thanks to Ed who jumped out of his glider to get in a tug and help launch a few before getting back into his glider.

The 2 seaters were busy with course, trial lessons and a group from Go Ape who were all up to experience the delights of soaring above the trees. Thanks to Richard, Graham, Don and Bob who saw that they had a good time and the feedback from them was along the lines of "Awesome!, Brilliant!, Such Fun!"

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