Tuesday, 11 July 2017

10 July Louis has his first flying lesson for a year and Jan calls out the breakdown service

Another good day for training. Operating on 24, 3 knot thermals for most of the day.

Louis Mattey started his week of work experience, helping out on the airfield and getting an insight into how we try to make things happen on the field. He was rewarded with a flying lesson, introduced to trimming and stalls.

Trial lessons kept us fairly busy along with Iain Segall who started flying again today after pulling a muscle in his back.

Jan called out the emergency services to get the tug started after suffering a flat battery.

The Emergency service arrived in no time at all. Richard's new venture, jump starting light aircraft, good idea Richard, but the vehicle does not to be so up-market!

For Richard it was probably a welcome break from planning the Regionals grid arrangements. 

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