Friday, 7 July 2017

7 July Comic Relief through the Air League

Another very hot day, strong thermals all day.

The day started with a briefing, all hands to the pumps to fly a number of students. What a great group, great fun and safe.

Air league group sheltering from the sun
Many thanks to all the instructors and helpers who helped make it happen smoothly. GH had a minor electrical issue that was quickly sorted out, LH was also made available to us to speed up the launch rate. The Pawnee came back on line today in readiness for the Regionals in a weeks time.

Matt continued his training and is now flying basic circuits without any prompting from the back seat - getting close to that solo goal.  Soaring not too shabby either.

It was good to see the club single seaters in demand, the Pegasus is shown ready to go - or is it?

Of course he didn't take off with the tail dolly on. The ABCD checks are a useful method of avoiding this kind of error.

The evening group took over with Symeon at the helm.

Looking forward to a good weekend.

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