Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Aboyne wave still working well

Congratulations to Mike Sheppard going solo in a proper flying machine. Meanwhile up in Scotland we also had a good day.  Air was a little unstable and the wave moved around a lot compared to a classic good day.  Those that launched early got away from Logie Coldstone just North of the lakes.
Notable flights for Dave in FI, Richard in 315, Denis in 370 and Jane in 118 all going cross country or getting above 16000 ft.  Those that launched late struggled to get away as the wave broke up low down. Some, including Simon Phelps in his ASW20 HUT, took a relight later in the day and had good wave flights.  Between us we had five gold heights, but only for pilots that already had gold!
Dinner - Birkelunn, Steak, Bread and Butter pud. Clearfield - Seafood Paella, Margherita ice cream.

Towards Montrose from 16'000 feet.

Loch Muick on the left and Lochnagar bottom right.

View from FI. Typical autumn Aboyne sky.
FI heading southwest.

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