Monday, 29 September 2008


ECZ at 10,000ft
Up early and rigged and ready to go. DR flew with Don in ECZ and introduced him to wave, they got to 10,000 before the -9degC persuaded them down. Jim 208 went to 10,500, then let Bob D take it to 7,000. Jane 118 got to 10,700 and Roland 318 to 8,200. Jeremy flew with Glyn in Duo 3D and reached 6,000. Then the wave collapsed and there was a mass landing for lunch. Refreshed and refuelled, DR flew with Arnie who then had a brief go in 318.

Arnie before his first flight in 318 at Aboyne

Excellent fun. It's started to rain now and all the toys are away, but the bar is open and the whisky is good. More of the same tomorrow if the forecast is to be believed.

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