Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Surprise weather

Tuesday 30th September started out looking bleak; high level cloud and a forecast of rain, with very little wind at ground level. DR and Don launched with the intent of doing some circuit practice in ECZ but nothing was heard from them for an hour, so the wave must have been working. Julian went off in 118 and got to 11'000, Jane and Roland shared a triplet of climbs to 5'000ft in ECZ, Arnie flew 318 and Bob got to 10'500 in 208. Ed Garner arrived in the morning after an eventful trailer towing journey, which left 315 stranded a few hours short of Aboyne and flew with Glyn in Duo Discus 3D.

After lunch the conditions seemed to get even better, prompting Jane to launch again but this time in 118, reaching 11'600ft in bright sunshine. Jim went up in 208, got to 11'500ft and flew halfway to Feshiebridge before retreating in the face of strong sink on the downward side of a wave bar. Jeremy experienced an interesting reversal of fortunes in JDV when exploring why not to co-ordinate stick and rudder during the landing ground roll. His rapid 180 degree turn did however give him an excellent view of the gliders on final approach. Ed and DR experienced a very interesting flight with a combination of both thermal and wave flying.

A few drinks in the bar and dinner at Birkellun rounded off another fantastic day of mountain soaring up here in Scotland.

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