Thursday, 13 August 2009

Task week day 4 Thursday 13th August

"One minute"

Despite being abandoned to our fate by Nils the met man, the grid launched and set off. The Duo and 918 raced of around BOB-DED-STN-BOO, whilst 118, 279, 281, 609, 719, 949 and JDV opted for BOB-DED-BLY-BOO. JDV dropped in for tea at Bicester to tell them about cross country flying, and 609 had a lengthy discussion with his PDA. 949 went walkabout and 370 wandered off to East Anglia entering a slow bicycle race from Newmarket to BSE: On the way back a chat with a helpful controller at Cambribge let him cut the corner to get to some good lift and an easy ride home.

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