Sunday, 27 September 2009

Booker goes North - Aboyne expedition week 1

The gang began to assemble yesterday for the start of the autumn wave expedition and got off to a flying start. Mike and Chris rigged 315 and went off for a site check, dressed for the 20degC ground temperature. 4 hours later they came back from a trip to 13000ft, up Glenshee and far away. They needed a lot of soup to thaw out.

Today the wind blew and we flew. Jeremy JDV got to 11,000ft, Mike and Rolf 315 to 16,500ft, Jane 118 to 13,500ft, Denis disappeared over the hills somewhere and Jim 208 got to 21,000ft, but as he can't do arithmetic he's not sure if it's a Diamond. Barry JDV and Mike and Arne 315 also had quick flights, and Glyn got to 10,000ft.

Tonight it's one of Jim's famous roast dinners.

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