Tuesday, 15 September 2009

South Downs

Jon Gatfield and I made a last minute decision to trailer down to Parham yesterday. Despite traffic jams we were airborne by 2pm in 15kt NNE'ly and bombing up the ridge past Devils Dyke, Jack and Jill, and Ditchling Beacon to Lewes North. A shower stopped us going further East but then we had a great run all the way West down to Butser Hill.

Going back East it looked as though more showers would cut us off so we hatched a plan to fly to Lasham and back. A 6kt climb to 3000ft near Cocking got us going but more showers put paid to that.

Back onto the ridge at Butser Hill then East to Parham at 80Kts where the wind veered a bit and relaxed to just 12kts making staying up a bit interesting. Plopped back onto the ground around 4:30. Great outing, sorry no pictures.


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