Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Wednesday dawns

Last night's dinner for 13 was chilli (Jim) and a magnificent banana flambe (Rolf). Conversation turned lively and Arne apologised on behalf of Denmark for all the trouble in the world caused by the Vikings since Lief Erikson landed in Amerika. Andrew put up a spirited defence of the Kiwis standing alone against US aggression, and as a result Denis apologised on behalf of Britain for abandoning NZ in favour of the EU.

If the dinners carry on in the same volume we will need to worry about max all up weight. Perhaps someone on week 2 could bring up a set of scales.

Today the dawn was beautiful, mist in the valley and a sparkling sun. The forecast wind profile looks perfect for wave all the way up, unfortunately the weather gods haven't read the forecast and the wind has not yet started to blow. Never mind, there are still 8 hours of daylight and we are rigged and ready.

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