Thursday, 1 October 2009

Thursday report from Aboyne

Wednesday's flying was in two shifts, those that launched early (Jim 208 for example) got up and away, some of the others spent a while practising thermalling before eventually getting into the wave. The second shift, at around 1730, found themselves at 11000ft in no time, magic. Meanwhile Denis was off on a 500 to Callander-Rhinie-Killin, and Glyn did Manchester out and return, reaching 23000ft, but in airspace so it doesn't count.

Today was a bit chilly. Denis went to Kingussie, near Feshie, the rest stayed local and dodged around the clouds

Here are some pics.

Tugs in the mist:

On tow towards Morven:

315 in wave:

Loch Tay from about 8000ft:

Spot Birkelunn:

And now off for steak and chips (Jim again).

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