Friday, 2 October 2009

Friday update

Feedback from readers is that there's too much talk of food and not enough of flying. So for the record here are some of the scores:

Bob 208 - 13,500ft
Roland 987 - 12,000ft
Jane 118 - 11,000ft
Chris 987 - 7,000ft
Denis - 5ook horizontally
JDV, 118, 208 various launches to less significant heights

Mike/Arne 315 - 17,200ft (don't forget that 200ft)
Arne the Astronaut 318 - 7,000ft
Bob 208 - 9,000ft
Chris 987 - 8,000ft
987, 318, 118, JDV, 208 also to less heady heights, dodging around the clouds

Apologies to those I've forgotten.

Oh, and by the way, the steak and chips went down very well (another triumph for Jim), and so did the whisky afterwards, apparently.

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