Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Tuesday at Aboyne

Sorry still no pics.
Monday dawned bright and clear with a hard frost, very pretty but very cold. We rigged ECZ and did a bit of fettling and cleaning, then Craig and Dave set off to see if anything was stirring. There was some weak wave and thermal which kept them up for an hour. Glyn G1 and Rob RM also took launches to check various bits of kit. While airborne they reported a house fire 'just over the hill behind the airfield' which had those of us staying in isolated houses of that description some anxiety, but it proved to be the farm buildings of an unfortunate farmer. After a pause for lunch (leek and potato soup, since you ask), Geoff and William went to walk round Loch Muick, 318 was given a polish and Craig had another circuit, then we packed the toys away and got the models out.

It rained in the night and is still a bit damp, but the sky is clearing, so maybe there will be some fun later.

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