Saturday, 3 October 2009

Saturday at Aboyne

On Friday the wind was easterly and a bit damp, and so a day for model flying. Bob S had arrived and brought with him his little yellow Cub with the box for him to take over when it all goes horribly wrong. Jeremy and Richard displayed hidden talents, Jane less so. Glyn then flew his fun jet, and then handed it over to Mike who made it look even more fun.

In the afternoon six of us went for a scramble up Burn O'Vat, managing not to break any ankles.

Craig, William and Dave B also arrived, Roland and Jeremy left. Dinner, just for the record, was fish and chips from the Ballater chippy, and very nice too.

Today it is blowing a gale, walking across the car park is a bit of a challenge, so we are planning other entertainment until the wind abates.

Well done Jim on the height gain, you should come up here and try some proper wave, the views are better.

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Dave C said...

Confused was that the box to take over when it goes wrong or the box to bury it in?