Sunday, 11 October 2009

Sunday 11 October at Aboyne

Friday was wet and the entertainment consisted mainly of food, as can be imagined. Saturday started a bit damp, no wind, so after a bit of tea drinking Bob got his little yellow Cub out and let Chairman Geoff try his hand at flying. This all went fine for a while until P1 failed to take over and the Cub headed straight for the ground, vertically. A small party went back to Clearfield for lunch and then cleared the table for aircraft repairs, propping up the wing to get the dihedral using olive oil jars. The broken propeller made two handy spatulas for the epoxy. We then went for a walk round the hill, on the way meeting the Laird who was inspecting his estate. There was time for a quick test flight before dinner at the Boat again. A pleaseant afternoon but no wind, not even much in the way of thermals from the look of the sky.

Today the forecast wind profile looks good - wind increasing with height, and from the NW - but down the valley it looks a bit wet. Some of us are trying to decide whether to hitch up and leave now or wait a little and see if there is a chance of one last wave flight.

Week 3 begins today, with luck we will get reports of their exploits.

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