Sunday, 11 October 2009

Aboyne 11th Oct

Rainbow over Tarland

Today started rather slack with low cloud and rain so the Blackface Sheep (cafe in Aboyne) it was, where the talent was very good and the cake wasn't bad either...:-p

Chocolate Almond cake was good however texture was a little floaty........ Sorry I thought i'd continue on the theme of the last two weeks.

Oh and then after lunch:

315 Mike and Will 21,500ft Linn of Dee
JH John Herman 16,000ft Linn of Dee after having a VERY good look at Glyn's house in Ballater
JDV Steve Williams 16,500 Braemar
987 Julian went to 15,000ft

Good pic but wish i'd hadn't as it was -22 degrees at 18.000ft

Now that all the gormets have gone home it's Chinese in the clubhouse. Full report to follow!

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