Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Report from the bar

Well the weather gods obviously hadn't read the forecast, at midday the sky suddenly started to look very promising, so we had a rapid lunch (stovies today - looks like stirred up shepherds pie but is apparently delicious) and threw the wings on. The sky was filled with little clouds rather than nice wave bars so it was hard to work out what was going on, and the wind at 10,000ft was 50kts, so just managing not to go backwards was a challenge, but we managed some good results:

Julian 987 - 14,500ft, Loch Muick
Jane 118 - 14,300ft, Balmoral
Dave/Craig 315 - 14,000ft, Loch Builg, Tomintoul
Bob 279 - 16,300ft, Loch Builg
Bob 208 - 12,000ft (no oxygen)
Chris 318 - 13,000ft
Geoff GA - "could do better" - mooched around Aviemore and Tomintoul dodging the rain
William/Craig ECZ - had a late afternoon flight

Barry JDV, John JH, Rob RM and Rolf 318 also flew but they've obviously got dinner plans so we have no report of their exploits.

Yesterday's frosty runway

Most of the gang

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