Thursday, 8 April 2010

Not working from home

The day looked too good to 'work from home' so a day at Booker seemed in order.

A call from Mike C suggested I fly with Dave C in 315. Before long I was in the day's briefing, along with proper XC pilots, studying the task for the day. This was to be the first time I had even sat in 315, never mind fly her. Following a briefing on type, from Dave, we launched at 12:55.Sharing a thermal with 325
Dave advised me on what I needed to do to improve my flying and I was able to put this into practice. More practice needed, I know, but today was a brilliant experience, one I would recommend to anyone.

One last look at Sywell before heading south.

We didn't quite complete the Booker, Towester, Oundle, Hungerford, Booker planned route as we decided to head for home once we rounded Didcot - still a great 4 hour flight. Thanks Dave!

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