Saturday, 17 April 2010

Wills first solo

On his 16th birthday, Will took to the air on his own.

All out


Big grin

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Rob K said...

· He got his 1st bronze leg (on a subsequent flight on the day) and only came down as he needed a pee!
· He’s now done his 2nd Bronze leg (and had his first sole ‘pee’ so he didn’t have to land).
· His first solo in CFA was the same glider his Dad, Doug, went solo in very nearly 30 years ago (says something about how good the ASK13’s are)
· Will was the first to go out to Simon McCracken and congratulate him when he landed after his first solo
· Even though its still 2 years before he can buy and drink alcohol the club members (led by the CFI) still insisted he got the drinks in at the Live and Let Live