Saturday, 9 April 2011

Talgarth round up

Friday was one of those hot blue days when the best thing to do is to fly a T21. So we did. One of the locals, Robbie Robertson, kindly chauffeured us round the mountains in 'Snoopy', enabling us to get excellent close up views of the walkers plodding along the ridges. And it gave us the chance to take some pics:

Snoopy on tow behind UU

Heading for the south bowl

Shadow on the wind

Looking down on the Talgarth K13

Lingham's Lake

And here is a bit of rock polishing from the previous day:

And finally, a preview of John's new partner and family inspecting their new acquisition.

Many thanks to all at Black Mountains Gliding Club for their hospitality and for showing us how to fly next to the hard stuff. We had a fantastic week and learnt a huge amount, not least that the sound of sheep bleating is much to be preferred to helicopters.

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