Saturday, 2 February 2013

A wind from the Arctic

The airfield was a chilly place today, plenty of layers of clothing required. We operated from an interesting position next to the bus and landed on 35 while the power circuit stuck to their choice of crosswind on 24.

Launching from 'Shep's garden'
There was plenty of demand for gliders, with the Aerobatics course run by Graham and Alun taking nice high tows and those who had attended Sally Longstaff's Bronze briefing on Everything you need to know about Radio coming out to play.

David and Graham doing those straps up nice and tight
There were also several course members getting in a bit of instruction. It was very thermic and the visibility was crystal clear, it was altogther a great day's flying which went on until the sun set.

Still a bit wet around Henley

Booker Airfield without the snow
Next Bronze Briefing:
Saturday 9 February 1000hours, Mike Gatfield on Air Law and Airmanship. All welcome.

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