Friday, 15 February 2013

KLA takes to the skies again

After the recent run of miserable weather, yet more snow and rain, the skies cleared to give a pleasant mild day with lots of launches taking place under an eminently soarable sky. The contrast of the airfield being snow covered on Wednesday, under water on Thursday and then usable today is quite remarkable. There are still lots of places where the field is softer than hot butter so care had to be taken with where to launch and where to tow gliders back after landing but everyone worked around this and a great time was had by all.
KLA looking bright and shiny - wow betide anyone who leaves it dirty
KLA flew for the first time since its total overhaul in the Glider workshop over the winter. It looked resplendent in its new blue and white paint scheme.

The forecast for the weekend looks promising so make sure you don't miss it or indeed Jim White's briefing on Saturday morning on how to make the most out of weather information available.

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