Sunday, 24 February 2013

Annual General Meeting

There was a good turn out for the AGM last night, despite the freezing grey weather and flurries of snow. Chairman Geoff reported on the highlights of the year, which included the very successful relocation to Thame so that we could continue to fly during the Olympics. He particularly thanked Denis for his efforts in reducing the period of Olympic restrictions from two months to one. Geoff reinforced the club's vision of being a place for having fun with no rules, just common sense. He also thanked outgoing CFI Mike for doing an excellent job and a long list of members for their contribution to the club. The new CFI Richard stood in for Mike, who was on his sickbed, in reporting on the flying year, during which there were many achievements despite the bad weather. Finally Graham the Treasurer gave an upbeat report on the club's healthy financial position and the encouraging trend in club membership.

The evening ended with the usual drinks and snacks and lively conversation.

Now all we need is some spring weather.

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