Tuesday, 26 March 2013

So cold - but flying anyway!

It seems I was a little premature to title a Blog entry "Spring at last" as all we seem to have had weather wise ever since is some of the coldest and wettest conditions for a March for many years.
Launch point - ready to fly
The good news however is that a little rain or the cold doesn't dampen your enthusiasm and desire to fly and as long as the conditions allow you will get a launch and the chance to fly whatever your level or aspirations.
Looking back at the airfield which seems to have the most snow covering it of any in the area 
It was probably about -5 degrees C allowing for the wind chill factor and snow on the ground but several flights were made by the Falke and CFA under the overcast sky before retiring back to the club house to warm up.
Helicopter clearing snow (or just redistributing it)

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